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Children’s Creative Activities

Time for your child to express their creativity in order to create more joy, harmony, confidence and trust in themselves.

At the Heart of Inspiration we believe that all of us are born with an innate capacity to be creative. However, in today’s society we do not often have the opportunity to express and develop our creativity. We have created various children’s creative activities in order to provide an environment where children feel free to create and express themselves. We use diverse themes like the 4 elements, ancient civilizations, and exploring different cultures to stimulate your child’s creativity while developing important life skills like communication, problem-solving, and belief in themselves and their abilities.

During our creative activities we use a variety of art forms and other creative forms of expression including:

story telling

singing and dancing

modeling with clay

experimenting with color

free play



Our time together is not only focused on creativity but to also get children to learn to share, honor, and respect themselves, others, and their environment. We also encourage children to be positive, responsible for their actions, and to trust their intuition. It is an opportunity for your child to activate and express their creative ability in a fun, warm, and supportive environment. It is a time for your child to create more harmony, calmness, joy, serenity and to develop more confidence in them self.

Each of our activities is targeted at children 5-9 years old and is given in English. Please see below for further details on our upcoming camps.


Children's Creativity Camp

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