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Testimonials from parents

“Lillian and Benjamin came out of the camp very happy and enthusiastic. They said they appreciated active listening by Chris and Dora. They liked all the activities, but especially art, Native American stories and decorating water bottles. We loved the camp values.”

Caroline and Claus, Lillian’s and Benjamin’s parents

“This camp’s activities were unique and interesting. My boys loved playing in tents and dressing up. They liked seeding in pots, and playing with water and bubbles. They had much fun playing with the instructors and friends. Dora’s and Chris’ positive attitude has great advantages for kids.”

Seung-Hun, father of 6 and 9 year olds

“We enrolled our son to the camp hoping him to become more creative and come out with a more positive attitude. He enjoyed the camp and really developed his imagination. It was a fun and relaxing experience.”

Felirose, mother of 8 year old

“We were told the camp would help our daughter’s self-esteem and self-confidence and it did! She enjoyed it very much.”

Jenny, mother of 9 year old

“I loved playing in the tents and making water messages. It was fun and I made friends.”

Priya, 8 years old

“My daughter loved it from day one. Even with challenging weather (she was looking forward to the swimming) she was very happy with all the activities planned. It seemed good balance between organized activity and free play. The ambiance seemed nice and peaceful.”

Samia, Priya’s mom

“I was expecting and I had lots of fun. I liked painting and relaxation on the ground, especially learning tai-chi.”

Joana, 10 years old

“The title of this camp is very attractive and its power is obvious. The teachers are very charming and encouraging. The way they approach children is simply wonderful! Do everything you think inspiring, you are making our children happy. We thank you so much for your great job.”

Yong, mother of 9 year old

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