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Dora’s passion in life is accelerating human development through consciousness studies and creative expression. Dora believes that we are all unique human beings with many talents and fantastic capacities. Do we realize it? Dora had to get out of her comfort zone some years ago to come to this realization herself and she is now determined to help others do so as well.

Dora’s educational and professional background is in human resources management. Her experience includes managing a training and development function of a large multinational. She left her career two years ago to take care of her two little angels and study transpersonal psychology. Through her studies and full-time parenting, Dora has learnt to apply mindfulness to her and her children’s life. She knows how much happier she and her family are as a result and has co-created The Art of Happiness with Chris to share this experience with others.

Chris was first introduced to training and the importance of personal development while working in Marketing for Procter & Gamble (P&G). After leaving P&G, Chris traveled extensively to facilitate personal exploration and in search for a larger purpose and meaning to life. It was during his travels that he discovered his passion for education and training. Since then Chris has focused his career and personal interests in the area of learning and people development. He is currently Managing Director of a training and development company called INITIATE (www.initiate.ch). Chris works with organizations globally delivering training in the areas of leadership, communication, presentation skills, well-being, and developing confidence.

When Chris is not “working” he enjoys training for marathons, hiking and skiing in the mountains, writing, cooking Asian food, and spending time with his friends. Chris also finds pleasure researching human development and putting his findings to practice. It is through personal discovery and experience that Chris developed the Art of Happiness program with Dora and many of his other training programs.

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