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Developing Confidence from Within

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” Sir Edmund Hilary – The first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest. I can only imagine the physical challenges Sir Edmund faced as he worked his way up to the top of Everest – challenges such as the bitter cold, the lack of oxygen, deep snow, steep ice falls etc. And yet, Sir Edmund believes the bigger challenge he had was conquering all the doubts and disbelief he had while on his expedition.

It is often the doubts, uncertainty, and disbelief that exist within each and every one of us that limit our potential. When we experience doubt, uncertainty, or disbelief, we are lacking in confidence.

We define confidence as a firm belief, a bold, unwavering trust and faith you have in yourself and your abilities. It is a belief that you are a powerful being. It is being bold about the capability and potential that exists within you to do the unthinkable. It is about trusting that you have the talents and skills necessary to rise above and overcome any obstacle or challenge. It is about having faith when irrespective of the uncertainty in your life at the moment you know there will be a positive outcome.

Often people assume and make blanket statements and say they lack confidence. Our research suggests that this is not the case. Confidence is situational. It depends on the task or challenge we are facing. There are some areas in our life where we exude and are full of confidence, and some areas where we may lack it.

Our level of confidence is strongly influenced by our external environment. Our family, friends, and co-workers either positively or negatively impact our level of confidence. We may even look to these people for confidence. When we search for confidence externally we give up personal control and self-responsibility in our life. During this program, we teach people to become more aware of and build their own confidence to help them become more independent. During our 2 days together, we focus on key topics including:

Taking control and responsibility

The power of learning

Sourcing enabling patterns

Identifying and focusing on strengths

Creating new expectations of yourself

The influence of posture

Building your resilience


If you are interested in learning how to and begin creating a significant increase in your level of confidence, this program is for you. We are confident that through this program you can begin to work more towards your full potential and get what you really want from your life.

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