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Happiness Links

Our selection of inspirational happiness researchers and websites promoting happier living for individuals and society:

How To Be Happy


Michael Anthony's free e-book "How to be Happy and Have Fun Changing the World". This exceptional man has lived a life devoted to searching what makes him happy and then taking steps to realize his happiness. Out of his personal experiences and learning with his mentor, philosopher Edgar Phillips, he devised a strong mental training program on how to transform negative emotions into positive ones, which he applied to world class athletes and golfers with astonishing results. What makes Michael truly happy is sharing his happiness insights with others and… for free!

Gross National Happiness in Bhutan


While developing The Art of Happiness course, we happened to discover about one country’s unique political strategy called Gross National Happiness (GNH). The Kingdom of Bhutan is a little known Himalayan country whose government believes that bringing an increase in happiness to its people is as important as an increase in Gross Domestic Product. Erik Allgowever, president of the Swiss based FAVACH foundation, filmed a documentary about this unique country with the intent of promoting this deeply human political concept to other governments.

Happiness David Myers


A well respected happiness researcher and the author of The Pursuit of Happiness, social psychologist David Myers offers us a selection of his happiness articles, as well as suggestions for happier living.

Positive Psychology Center (Martin Seligman)


Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology Center promotes happiness related research and education, as well as training of happiness coaches “whose practice will make the world a happier place, parallel to the way clinical psychologists have made the world a less unhappy place”. Martin Seligman sponsors two other happiness websites Authentic Happiness and Reflective Happiness

Sonja Lyubomirsky


A leading new generation researcher of human happiness, Lyubomirsky is well known for her research in the importance of gratitude and visualization in cultivating happiness. This link will help you understand some of her work and what she is currently researching together with her students. She also discusses the benefits of happiness.

Ed Diener Well-Being Website


Ed Diener, a pioneer of subjective well-being research since 30 years, has written over 200 publications, of which over 100 were in cooperation with many other prominent happiness scientists. He is most known for his work on defining and measuring happiness, as well as influences of personality, culture and income on happiness. His site includes his autobiography which we thoroughly enjoyed, as well as an excellent section on frequently asked questions about happiness.

World Database of Happiness


It's an ongoing register of scientific research on the subjective enjoyment of life. It brings together findings that are scattered throughout many studies and provides a basis for synthetic work.

The Happiness Show


A major reference of top happiness researchers and promoters, as well as key happiness facts.

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