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The Art of Happiness

Becoming happier is not beyond you, but within you !

Our main aim is to help you understand that happiness is a state of mind that can be developed, a skill that can be acquired. Contrary to many people’s belief, happiness is not a matter of genes, or life circumstances, but rather the way you perceive your life. Our goal during the program is to provide you with interesting concepts and practical exercises to help you transform your thinking.

The program covers important areas as:

materialistic perception of happiness

concept of learned optimism

body/mind connection and overcoming stress

gratitude as a way of life

mindfulness meditation and mindful creativity

finding pleasure and meaning and power of self-concordant goals

living an engaged life

importance of work orientation

We will give you research based concepts and tools from the field of Positive Psychology to implement in your daily life, both at work and home, to increase your happiness level.

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