Question of Truth: Is my life beautiful or dutiful?



Be known for who you are and not who you think you should be. True happiness comes from being true to yourself

Personal Note:

Hi from Chris and Dora!

As we are embarking on a new adventure with our Heart of Inspiration and spreading happiness projects, we are launching this monthly newsletter to share with you our inspirations, thoughts, personal experiences, successes and failures, tears and smiles, in hope to inspire you and encourage you to undertake your own happiness journey. We have found that a journey to happiness is journey to our authentic self. We believe that the key to discovering and experiencing true happiness is knowing who you are and being true to yourself; whatever it takes.

We have chosen to explore the question of truth in our first newsletter, because we know how much courage it takes to be who you really are. Confucius said “he who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior”. The journeying through physical life is never an easy and self-evident one. While creating Heart of Inspiration, we often times found that when we thought we were on the right track, we also felt lost. When we praised ourselves for listening to our feelings, being brave to undertake this journey and daring to be different, we also doubted our capacity to realize our hearts’ desires and at the same time earn a living from it.

Our truth is that we have not started the Heart of Inspiration and The Art of Happiness courses for money nor because it is ‘trendy’. We are doing it because we firmly believe that by working on becoming happier and through encouraging others to work on becoming happier, we will help make this world a better place. We admit that we are idealists, but we are practical idealists. We are working together to create a peaceful revolution called the happiness revolution.  By making the happiness revolution your and our new life resolution we feel we are actively contributing to creating a better, happier world. And we are determined to continue doing so at whatever cost:). Are you ready to join us?

To answer this question, ask yourself some more questions:
 “What makes me happy?”, “Am I true to myself and others?”, “Do I live life of happiness or life of dutifulness (devoted to or submissive to others requests)?”, “When, why, and for whom did I become dutiful?”, “Would living with more authenticity make me happier?”

To find courage and inspiration to answer these questions have a look at the recommended reading, our feature story, and five steps for increasing your happiness by letting truth into your life.


Recommended reading:

True and lasting happiness always comes from within. This free e-book will introduce you to eight words that will help you increase your self-awareness and happiness. I am always truthful, positive and helping others. Try living by those values 100% of the time and notice how you will transform your level of happiness from the inside out. Let your spirit enjoy the ride!


Our Feature Story:

Michael Anthony, author of the free e-book How to be Happy and Have Fun Changing the World

We discovered Mark Anthony through his free e-book, How to be Happy and Have Fun Changing the World. This exceptional man has lived a life devoted to searching what makes him happy and then taking steps to realize his happiness. Out of his personal experiences and learning with his mentor, philosopher Edgar Phillips, he devised a strong mental training program on how to transform negative emotions into positive ones, which he applied to world class athletes and golfers with astonishing results. He himself swam across the span of the Golden Gate Bridge four times and from Alcatraz to San Francisco twice. What makes him truly happy is sharing his happiness insights with others and he has decided to make them available to all of us for free! We consider his book a gift from the Universe. He has certainly inspired us to continue our happiness journey through Heart of Inspiration.

5 Step Process for transforming the Dutiful You into the Beautiful You:

  1. Know thyself
    Work hard on the healthy dose of ‘I’ve got to be Me’ as a way of preserving your freedom and happiness. Throughout our lives we have all been, and in some aspects we still may be, a dutiful person. A person who does things for someone else because she feels obliged to. A person who fulfills daily duties because he believes he has to. A dutiful person in us is the person who lives life of disappointment, anger, quiet desperation, guilt and sadness, for she knows she abandoned herself. The authentic person in us knows he has a choice and enjoys giving love and empowering others because he wants to. Where in your life can you transform the Dutiful you into the Authentic you?
  2. We experience truth only when we are ready for it
    No one can force a ‘wake up call’ on you. The truth is realized from within. We often lie to others when we are unwilling to accept ourselves. So we think we lie to others, but we basically choose to lie to ourselves. In which situations do you feel you are not capable of being truthful to who you are?
  3. Don’t be judgmental about it
    Once you identified situations in which you are not comfortable being your true self, do not blame or judge yourself for not being your true you. The strong negative emotions associated with blame and judgment will only postpone the experience of truth in the situation instead of encouraging it. When you state the reason why you are not comfortable being your true self, state the why without attaching emotions to them.
  4. When we experience truth we experience paradox
    When we experience our true self, we at the same time experience conflicting emotions such as liberation, excitement and new aliveness, as well as fear, anger and sadness.  Whereas you are excited about the newly found ‘you’, you are also hesitant to let go of the attachment to your ‘old’ self, the Dutiful you.
  5. When you experience truth be ready to take a stand
    The journey back home is the journey of the warrior. Do not be too proud or scared to admit that you still have a long way to go. The Dutiful you is deeply embodied in your thinking and behavioral patterns. So be ready to stand up for your Authentic self. The Dutiful you might trick you into taking an easy way out, but your true self has always been there. Let it shine and it will transform your life of duty into the life of happiness and beauty.



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