Are you ready to dream? Cause dreams come true you know...

How expressing my spiritual autobiography by story telling helped me become aware of my strongly developed masculine side (mind, critical powers, assertion) and awoke me to my dormant feminine side (spontaneous, intuitive, creative, sensitive)

Thirty years ago in a land far, far away, a little soul came out of the shiny bright light and crawled onto a pink road. It disguised itself into two pretty little girls: one with beautiful dark eyes and long silky dark hair, and the other with deep blue eyes and long golden hair.

Many of you have asked about transpersonal psychology

This is the summary of my personal view and experience of transpersonal psychology. To obtain more formal and academic information on the subject log on to (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)

The Way of Image: River of My Life

How a creative activity of painting River of My Life helped me express my growth in awareness about all levels of my being and my life pace.

My Geneva marathon experience

A spontaneous heart felt gesture that made a difference.

A double dose of pleasure

Last summer whilst on a business trip to the UK, I had about an hour to kill before a meeting so I ventured into a local Starbucks in London and lucked out with a cozy chair to settle into to wittle the time away.