Can I really have a positive impact on and change my level of happiness?

The short and simple answer is yes. Some people believe happiness belongs to a lucky few. Either you are lucky enough to be happy or not. Others believe that happiness is genetic. However, research focused on identical and non-identical twins indicates that 50% of our happiness is determined by our genes and 8% to 10% is influenced by our life’s circumstances. This means that we have an influence over a minimum of 40% of our level of happiness. It also means we can take control and responsibility for becoming happier in life.

Happiness is a skill just like writing, reading, listening, public speaking, managing your time, and planning. And similar to these skills mentioned above, with effort and determination you can improve your levels of happiness. During the Art of Happiness program we will provide you with research proven simple and practical things you can do to increase your levels of happiness. If you are committed to implementing some or all of them in your daily life you will notice you will feel happier.